Cake, Tea and History

Coming Soon on Cake, Tea and History

How much biographical information belongs in academic history papers?  Read one take on the issue in Personalizing History. Bet you wish you could eat this cake! Check out our monthly … Continue reading

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5 Historical Things We Did In London

I was recently down in London to visit Katie. Since we’re both interested in history, we ended up getting up to some historical antics during my visit: I’ve listed five … Continue reading

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New Experiences

If you have any interest in archiving work, you should follow the two blogs run by the Archivist at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, who posts frequently on … Continue reading

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Things I Learned At My First Conference

Last week, after handing in my dissertation and moving out of my apartment the next day, I attended my very first conference. I had signed up to give a paper … Continue reading

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Wordplay Wednesday

During the past year, our historical vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds.  Often, in a particular discipline, certain word usage will carry a lot of cachet and identify the … Continue reading

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Wordplay Wednesday

We are very excited to return to our usual format of posting and welcome everyone to the first Wordplay Wednesday of September!  In our last entry, we posted the most … Continue reading

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Birthday Cake

This is on the cake side of things rather than history, but as it is my Granddad’s 93rd birthday today I was tasked with making him a birthday cake. The … Continue reading

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Personalizing History

Major life changes have happened since I last put fingers to keys.  Completing the masters dissertation was an exciting accomplishment which nonetheless is attended by its own set of concerns … Continue reading

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